Sundays 10:30am

Orchard Park Primary School | CB4 2GR

'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest'

Jesus, in Matthew 11:28, The Bible

We are a group of ordinary people who've discovered God's extraordinary kindness towards us, loving us more than we imagine and deserve.

We believe the message of Jesus Christ is the best news in the world, for everyone.

We aim to be an open and friendly church family - committed to one another and serving our local community.

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We meet on Sunday mornings at 10.30am at Orchard Park Primary School, in north Cambridge.  

Our time together lasts about 60 minutes.  Anybody and everybody can come.  There’s no dress code, no barriers, no age limit, no conditions, no entry requirements. Everyone is welcome.  We listen to God speaking to us through the Bible.  And we respond together to what he says with songs and prayers.  You can join in with as much or a little as you like.

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God's Counter Culture

The Sermon on the Mount.  It's maybe the the most famous speech ever.  From Matthew's gospel chapters 5 to 7 comes searching, radical, beautiful, life-changing teaching from the lips of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Do you want to be blessed?  Do you want God's favour to rest on you?  Don't follow the herd.  Dont' go with the flow.  Listen to the King of Kings and do what he says.  Stand out, live differently and shine.  And yours is the kingdom of heaven. 

Join us on Sunday mornings this Autumn, listen in, and have your life changed for good.


As well as meeting on Sundays, we get together in small groups in local homes during the week to read the Bible, help one another connect what God says with our daily lives, care for and pray for one another.

Through board games evenings and barbecues and other events we love helping Orchard Park become a more connected and friendly community.

And, this year, we aim to offer every household in Orchard Park a free copy of John’s gospel. Because we want everyone to discover the eternal life that Jesus offers us all!

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