Who We Are

St John’s is a church family for Orchard Park. We are a mix of ordinary people from different backgrounds and different walks of life. We’re discovering together that through Jesus Christ God loves us more than we imagine and more than we deserve.

We believe the Bible’s message of God’s love through Jesus Christ is the very best news in the world, for everyone.

As a church community, we want to know and follow Jesus Christ more and more deeply. We are committed to helping one another live in the light of God’s love. And, we are committed to Orchard Park. We’re involved in local community life, and we want people to discover the joy of knowing God for themselves.

We are a church family, a church community. As well as eating together and playing sport and getting involved in Orchard Park life, we meet together every Sunday at 10.30am at Orchard Park Primary School. We’d love to welcome you along on any Sunday to find out more. Just come as you are.